2017 - WHAT A YEAR

31 December 2017

2017 was one of the most busiest yet exciting years we have had at Stirfresh.  So much has happened with new expansions, welcoming new customers and introducing new product lines .  Here are just some of the highlights.

Montrose FC & Links Park Community Trust have now started a healthy eating partnership with us.  Along with Dundee United these are great partnerships promoting healthy Eating and Fitness.


We are now very proud to be the sole supplier to Aldi Scotland for all their fresh Potato lines.  Also supplying Aldi with Freshly prepared Vegetable lines and one of our newest products to hit the shelves the Par Cooked Baked Potatoes.  These are now flying off the shelves as more people realise that long lasting freshness and speedy preparation time couldn't be better! 

Lidl have also been impressed with our prepared Vegetables and have stocked a variety of our products on their shelves including our Par cooked Bakers. 

IMG 7214

We have also expanded our sales to Sweden with a container now leaving every month stacked with Bakers.

Due to the increase in sales we are forever expanding our packing and washing lines to cope. 

The consistent contracts for supplying the schools, hospitals and universities are keeping our packers and vans busy.

James Stirling the the youngest of the Stirling family came on board in August meaning we now have Jessica, Alexander, Hannah & James starting to bring young and fresh ideas and energy into the Family Company.   


IMG 7212

Ramclean are providing all our staff training now.  Visiting us on sight on a regular basis.

Thank You to all who have supported us and been involved over the year.  Bring on 2018!!







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